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Whelping facility

Welcome to our new whelping facility. The facility can accommodate up to 5 litters of pups. The whelping boxes are in a heated/air conditioned building and have two way doors that open to the outdoor 10 X 10 runs. The outdoor runs have 4' concrete walls that separate each run. The concrete walls help with sanitization and eliminate cross contaminating as we clean the outdoor runs. The outdoor concrete runs are cleaned 3 times daily and are sanitized with a diluted bleach solution at least once each week. Ventilation is provided by three exhaust fans.

The facility also includes a separate area for vet care and medical supply storage. There is also a stainless steel pet tub for baths as well as a drying crate. We also included an area for bird cleaning and storage as well as a bathroom. We will be installing web-cams over each whelping box that will be live-streaming so that customers will be able to log onto our site and view puppies interacting in real time.

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Pointing dog training

The early November air is crisp, and your dog’s tail is cracking as he quarters in front of you and your buddies. Suddenly he slams into a rock solid point at the edge of a plumb thicket. You approach from the side and step in to flush the covey. After the smoke clears your dog retrieves the birds to your hand, and you send him on with a “Good dog” and a tap on the head.

The only thing standing between the above described scenario and you is a few months of structured and well executed training. The fact is, that there are many dogs with the genetic potential to become good bird dogs. Unfortunately, there are precious few who have been given the proper training to reach their potential.

Think that you can’t afford to have your dog trained? Add up the initial cost of a puppy plus a lifetime of veterinary care and feed. Now weigh this against the cost of a few months of training. Not spending a few dollars to bring out the best in your dog is like buying a new car and then never putting gas in the tank.

Not every dog is the same, and not all will respond to the same training strategies. Here is where most novice trainers fall flat on their face. If your dog doesn't conform to a set regimen, he may end up scared, confused, and untrained. It has often been said that dog training is as much art as science. It is this ability to deviate from a set program and cater to an individual dog’s needs that separates an average trainer from a great one.

A properly trained pointing dog should be able to perform the following with style, speed, and efficiency.

  • Obey the commands “Kennel”, “Here”, “Whoa”, and “Leave It”
  • Quarter to the gun within reasonable range
  • Point staunchly
  • Honor a brace mate
  • Retrieve to hand (Either naturally or force fetch)

A dog that possesses the above skills is a true bird finder and will make you proud to own him. Contrast this dog with one that we have all seen but hopefully not owned. This dog busts birds, won’t honor other dogs, and if a bird is shot he will probably eat it.

We offer the unique opportunity to hunt your dog on guided pheasant hunts here in central Kansas. In just a few weeks of hunting, your dog will have more bird contacts than most dogs get in a lifetime. Only dogs that have completed our pointing dog program will be eligible to receive this valuable on the job training.

Retriever training

"Head Start" Puppy Program The first few weeks and months of your retriever’s life will have life long impacts on the intelligence and drive of your dog. Specifically, the period between 16 and 24 weeks of age is especially critical. This is a time in your young dogs mental development when imprinting is at a pivotal juncture. If we can make the pup bird crazy at this stage, we can maximize their prey drive and bring them to the height of their genetic potential.

These early lessons are absolutely critical in establishing a strong foundation, upon which all future training is built. Our retriever puppy program is designed to properly introduce your young star to birds, water, boats, decoys, crates, and other dogs. Puppies as young as 16 weeks old are accepted for this program. Training objectives can usually be reached in 1 month, and will pay lifelong dividends. None of the above described objectives are rocket science, however if not done properly and with care, can result in problems such as water aversion, poor socialization, fear of gunfire, etc.

Basic Retriever Training (Started, HRC), (Junior-AKC)
A dog that completes our basic retriever training program will be a dog that will be a productive partner in the field. This dog should be capable of quartering for the gun in the uplands, proficient at trailing cripples, and should deliver game to your hand without delay. This dog should be capable of marking and retrieving single birds down for the duck hunter. In addition he/she should be obedience trained and obey the commands Sit, Kennel, Here, Quiet, Down, and Leave It. The dog will be properly introduced to the electronic collar during obedience training and will accordingly obey commands quickly, but at the same time retain a good working attitude. This level of training usually takes 3-4 months to complete, depending on the dogs natural ability.

Intermediate Retriever Training (Seasoned-UKC), (Senior-AKC)
Retriever breeds are eligible for our Advanced Retriever Training Program upon completion of our Basic Retriever Program. A dog at this level should be capable of completing double retrieves on land and water and should be fully steady. At this time handling and lining drills are introduced, as well as more advanced marking concepts. Dogs that complete this program will be able to run simple cold blinds and compete in mid level UKC and AKC hunt tests. If the dog is to be used for upland hunting, steady to flush and shot can also be completed at this point. A dog that completes this level of training is a true hunting companion and is a dog that anyone would be proud to own. This training usually takes 4-6 months to complete.

Advanced Retriever Training (Finished-UKC), (Master-AKC), (QAA)
A dog that completes this program is an elite hunting machine. This dog has all of the skills of an intermediate retriever plus the ability to complete complicated triple marks, blinds with hazards and poison birds, honoring, and advanced water concepts. This dog should also be steady to flush and shot in the uplands and be adept at trailing cripples. Dogs that complete this program are usually 2-3 years of age and would compete in the Finished/Master/QAA level. Not all dogs have the natural skills to complete this level of training. Total training time required to achieve this level of performance is usually 12-18 months. Dogs at this level should possess exceptional intelligence, bidability, drive, and water attitude.

We back all of our dogs with a 30 day performance and health guarantee. The dogs that you see on our site have been trained, in total or in part, right here at Professional Gun Dogs and we stand behind them 100%.

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Ruff House Outfitters offers complete dog training services for "head start" puppy work as well as adult dogs and guarantees profassional results.